Apple varieties

Austria’s most popular apples
The rich diversity and unrivalled taste of Austrian apples are highly appreciated at home and abroad.

Golden Delicious

Origin: Discovered around 1890 as a chance seedling in West-Virginia (USA). Marketed since 1916.

Grandiose, essentially sweet, compact, full fruit of lively charm; in the background sometimes touches of slight tartness; plenty of juice, highly complex; juicy and firm to the bite despite its elegant and soft flesh; flavours that are typical of the variety and faintly spicy taste.

Recommendation: perfect for fresh consumption, also for baking and desserts, goes perfectly with blue-veined cheese.


Origin: Kidds Orange x Golden Delicious, 1934 New Zealand, marketed since 1960.

Firm pulp with yellow reflexes; delicious entrance on the palate with a lot of ripe, sweet fruitiness; pleasantly mellow with full flavours and excellent, extremely low acid content – hence its starring role as child-friendly source of vitamins; very tempting.

Recommendation: for glazed apples or sweet baked apples, perfect for fresh consumption.


Origin: stems most probably from the Lady Hamilton variety; described for the first time in New Zealand in 1952.

Firm, compact yet very thin peel; first impression on the palate is animating sweet with slightly tangy yet unobtrusive aroma; develops superbly on the palate; pleasant, medium-soft pulp; very juicy and lively; despite its light tanginess it has refreshingly cool, savoury touches.

Recommendation: perfect for fresh consumption; very suitable to go with hearty cold-cuts and for fruit salads.


Origin: Golden Delicious x Jonathan, developed 1943 in the USA, marketed since 1968.

Elegant, creamy-white and sweet pulp; wonderfully complex aroma; tightly interwoven, delicious fruity volume; fleshy on the palate with rough cells and distinct, mildly tangy taste; layer after layer is exposed; clear and direct; compact and animating; delicate, fine vein.

Recommendation: the ideal apple for baking, fruit salads, chutneys and fresh juice; perfect for fresh consumption.


Origin: Jonathan x Wagener apple, developed around 1935 in the USA.

Thin, very firm peel; creates a good firm pressure on the palate; distinct, creamy-white, medium-firm pulp; invitingly bundled and juicy hint, but with a very mild effect and balanced out by the brilliantly full sweet extract; slight apple tartness, lots of vitamin C.

Recommendation: especially suited for apple purée and stewed apples; perfect for fresh consumption.


Origin: Golden Delicious x Ingrid Marie, crossed 1955 in Holland, marketed since 1975.

Deep, ripe fruit, powerful, juicy, compact with beguiling scent and very strong flavour; enormous wealth of tastes; concentrated, savoury, spicy and sweet; refreshing thanks to its brilliant, fine tangy fruity aroma; very precise and dominant on the palate, with pleasantly demanding structure.

Recommendation: for horseradish-apple sauce; hearty fruit salads and to accompany creamy wine cheese; perfect for fresh consumption.


Origin: 1958 from Golden Delicious x Idared in Switzerland, marketed since 1984.

An all-rounder with smooth, compact peel and firm, crisp pulp; full and animating scent and flavour; spontaneously appealing, beautifully structured and very rich in substance with pleasantly balanced acidity; extremely rich in vitamins and wonderfully refreshing.

Recommendation: perfect for fresh consumption; also ideal for fruit stews, jellies, deserts or together with hearty, savoury hard cheese.

Fuji / Kiku®*

Origin: Ralls Janet x Golden Delicious, developed 1939 in Japan, marketed since 1962.

Notably rough-celled, firm yet elegant pulp; concentrated juicy impression; stands out with very distinct fruit sweetness and timid acidity; very harmonious; superbly balanced on the palate; subtle and yet with delicately savoury, spicy character.

Recommendation: a juicy companion for roasts and stews; suitable for compotes and jellies; perfect for fresh consumption.

* Club varieties, marketing rights vary between countries

Pinova / Evelina®*

Origin: Clivia x Golden Delicious, crossed in Germany in 1965, marketed since 1986.

Starts out with the impression of a lot of fruity pressure and firm body; downright muscular and massive; dense and powerful substance; very precise, fruity-sweet flavours but also savoury spicy touches; extremely animating to the bite; tight, very trendy, a multi-talent with grand finesse.

Recommendation: perfect for fresh consumption; ideal for dishes that require firm apples; also for fruit salads.

* Club varieties, marketing rights vary between countries

Availability of the individual cultivars

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