Growing area

Growing area
The Austrian apple is symbol for a life rich in energy. The fruit is grown on the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the rolling hills of Eastern Styria and it is simply bursting with energy. Man, nature and fruit cultivation are a unique symbiosis here. The personal commitment and the expert know-how of the farmers as well as the favourable climatic conditions of the region – long hours of sunshine, abundant rain and distinct day and night temperature differences – produce the unique flavour and the full taste Styrian apples are famed for.

Quality production & landscape conservation
Styrian apple growers pay the highest attention to responsible and sustainable production in harmony with nature. Quality clearly prevails over quantity for these fruit cultivator experts. The orchards are harmoniously embedded in the landscape to preserve natural vegetation. No monocropping or massive apple plantations are to be found in Styria – neither today, nor in future.




Austrian Showcase

Opening of the Austrian Showcase "Consumer Products & Lifestyle", 30. August 2011

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