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Apples from Austria
EVA is a Styrian export company that supplies the international market with apples from Styria, the province known as “the green heart of Austria”. There is a long tradition of exclusive fruit production of the very highest quality in Styria. Even back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, apples from Styria were packed into wooden barrels and sent to the Russian tsar’s court. Today, there are more than one thousand modern fruit farming enterprises in Styria that are committed to high quality production. The fruit farms are organised in sales cooperatives and deliver their harvest to regional marketing companies for storage and sale. The association of apple exporters EVA (short for “Exportvereinigung Apfel”), is Austria’s biggest fruit marketing company and supports apple farmers in their striving for optimum quality by investing time, money and know-how in perfect production, storage and logistics conditions.



EVA was founded in 1993 as an amalgamation of the eight most important apple distributors of Styria. EVA achieves sustainable success through the powerful joint market presence of some 1,000 fruit growers, OPST Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH and the packing houses.
The roles in Styrian apple production are shared according to a sophisticated system: EVA is responsible for the export to all markets outside Austria and for strategic coordination tasks at home and abroad. The approximately 1,000 producers are organised in the “OPST Obst Partner Steiermark” producers’ organisation recognised under EU law and supply their products to 10 specialist packing houses and via EVA to all markets outside Austria. The packing companies are in charge of storage, sorting, packing and supply of apples to Austrian customers; in all their tasks they meet the most exacting, cutting-edge standards.


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Opening of the Austrian Showcase "Consumer Products & Lifestyle", 30. August 2011

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